We are a united group of joyful Christians that have a compelling belief in Jesus and a genuine love for our community. We envision a family of people that love passionately, worship intentionally, live simply, and fight for unity. We seek church gatherings where the Bible is correctly read, taught, sang and prayed in a way that both pleases God and leaves people full of joy.

We have high expectations of our leadership and members, reasonable expectations of regular attendees, children and youth. We expect our guests and visitors to have a comfortable and joyful experience where they can relax and receive teaching and blessing from God.

We hope in Christ for a living faith that pushes beyond the walls of a building and moves into the homes, ball fields, and offices of our men, women, and children. We expect a church that is helpful to the poor, elderly, and disabled people of our community. We long to be a non-territorial, church-planting church that will partner with and support the advancement of the gospel in our community and around the globe through planting other Biblical churches for the exaltation of Christ and the joy of generations to come.

We must recognize that faithfulness to our mission and the realization of our vision will only be accomplished by the power of God. We must also recognize that vision accomplishment will only result from a God-centered focus.